Welcome to Howell's Bakery
Since 1964, we've been making cakes for the great citizens of Los Angeles, CA and its surrounding areas.

As a small cake shop with over 47 years in the community, Howell's Bakery has grown and formed tight-knit bonds with our customers who also happen to be our beloved neighbors, friends and families. We have baked cakes for their children's baby shower, birthday parties and then later on for those same children's graduations and weddings. To us, this is what life is all about!

At Howell's Bakery, we make all types of cakes, for all types of occasions. Our products taste delicious and come at honest prices. Tell us what type of cake you need, and we'll make it for you. Whether it's traditional or contemporary, personal or corporate, classic or personalized we do it all. Plus, our cakes are always super soft and extremely moist, just like you remember them.

Our baker has lived and dreamed about cake creations for over 50 years, and back their products 100%. With our founder Mr. Howell's knowledge and expertise to lend a helping hand, they can create any cake you can come up with. Give us a try after that first bite you'll be hooked on Howell's Bakery!